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Are you in a little bit of a jam and need someone to give you a fake alibi in-order for you to get out of that jam? Do you need a fake alibi for the time you spent (or plan to spend in the future) away from your spouse or family? or a little white-lie or fake alibi to explain why you took time off work, or need to take time off work in the future? Well worry no more and give us a call. With the exception of lying to court officials, law enforcement, and similar officials, as well as other cases we consider worthy of exception, we will provide you with false alibis or fake alibis to get you out of a jam.

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To ensure clients do not abuse this service and have us call a gazillion people weekly or have a gazillion people call us, for every 5 people who call us for fake alibis for you, or whom you want us call for false alibis for you, the cost is $60. You can have us call an unlimited number of people at a cost of $60 per 5 people added to the call list. If you have less than 5 people, the cost remains 60 per 1 to 5 people added. For instance if you want us to call 13 people, the cost is $60*3, and if 8 people, the cost is $60*2 (To sign up for this service please call or email us.). 

Website: If you'd like a website as part of this plan, cost varies depending on the requirements, but a basic website plan costs $120 per month for the first month and $90 per month in subsequent months (cost includes $60/$30 for the faux alibi plan + $60 to rent the website every month). 

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