Hours of Service: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6:30pm EST

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Do you need fake references, fake employment reference, or fake landlord reference / fake housing rental reference, to get a good place to rent? Are you having difficulty getting quality places to rent because you have bad rental history? no rental history? earn below the required or preferred income? Worry no more, we are here to assist you. We provide you with the affordable fake reference, fake landlord reference, fake employment reference, fake references, and white lies you need to get a fantastic place to rent.


The price for the fake landlord reference service or fake rental references, fake references, and fake employment reference (lying to your landlord or housing rental agency about your income) is $60 for the first month and $30 for subsequent months. (To sign up for this service please call or email us.)

Website: If you'd like a website as part of this plan, cost varies depending on the requirements, but a basic website plan costs $120 per month for the first month and $90 per month in subsequent months (cost includes $60/$30 for the reference plan + $60 to rent the website every month). 

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