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Have you ever seen jobs you know you are suitable for but because you have bad employment reference, no work experience, gaps in your employment history, or no one to give you professional references to assist you get that job, you stay stuck doing terrible jobs? or even worse are not able to get a job at all? I have seen intelligent and good people fail to get jobs they are suitable for just because they do not have good references, and we are here to change that. Whatever the reason you need us to give you fake references, be it to get a higher salary, or for other reasons, we are ready to set wheels in motion and give you the fake reference that will change your life! (To sign up for this service please call or email us.)


The following is included for free in every employment package:

  1. We will assume the role of any female past or current supervisor, co-worker, or HR personnel, and provide unlimited references for you to all the organizations that call for references during the period you pay for (with the exception of courts, and the other exceptions listed on our website). 

  2. A local number for any Canadian or United States city you choose

  3. Each company number comes with your fake company’s individual voicemail

  4. A call summary of what we discussed with each reference caller.​

  5. Female fake reference provider


              Extra Services

  1. Websites: If you'd like a website as part of this plan, cost varies depending on the requirements, but a basic website plan costs $120 per month for the first month and $90 per month in subsequent months (cost includes $60/$30 for the reference plan + $60 to rent the website every month). 

  2. You are given as much time as you need to create the fake story we will use. After you have submitted your story/script, and scheme has been setup, you may still contact us unlimited times to make changes to the story; however, each time you make changes to the story post scheme setup, the cost is $30. 


The price is $60 for the first month of service and $30 per month for all subsequent months. The truth is some companies do contact your references in the future when you are up for promotion; as well as yearly, as part of their resume fraud checking procedure; so you might need a long term plan to cover any eventuality. (To sign up for this service please call or email us.)

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